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Recently orphaned twin girls who discover they've inherited the Sign of the Dragon, a powerful forgone magic that gives them supernatural abilities, must join together with their friends to reclaim an ancient mystical book and thwart the Dark Order’s sinister plans.

The Sign of the Dragon hasn’t been seen for centuries. Its history of producing mighty wizards and sorcerers has now drifted into legend and folklore. Only a few still believe, and watch and wait for The Sign. Some want to protect and serve The Sign, while others wish to steal its power for their own malevolent ends.

Jordan and Selena are typical 10-year-old twins with one exception... like their mother, they have magical powers. One evening while playing, sparks fly from their fingers, gathering an enormous energy beam that shoots straight through the roof and miles up into the sky. Amazed and frightened, their mother Cora realizes that her girls have inherited the fabled Sign of the Dragon. She also knows that for centuries the Dark Order has been plotting to capture The Sign once it resurfaced. Fearing for their lives, Cora rushes the twins away just as the hooded figures appear out of thin air around the house. Believing the Dark Order will assume the sign came from her, Cora leaves the girls with an old friend then speeds away. Terrified and feeling abandoned, the twins watch their mom’s mini-van crest a hill. Lightning cracks. An explosion lights up the sky just beyond the hill, in the exact trajectory the van was heading.

Cut to Jordan and Selena being checked into Blairwood County Orphanage. As the girls settle in, it’s slowly revealed that this is no ordinary orphanage. Every kid has some type of supernatural ability, though none as great as the twins. Aideen, an 11-year-old tomboy, is clairvoyant and can draw the future. The awkward 12-year-old boy, Wade, is socially awkward but his brilliant mind can decipher any pattern. Finally, Cleveland is an edgy African-American teen with bleached-blond hair. He has a secret - a set of large white wings hidden under his ever-present leather jacket. In a hidden attic the group finds the Book of Rubric, an ancient book of spells and incantations. Together they begin to discover the mysteries of the mystical book, and their own amazing powers.

Meanwhile Walter Harrington, a quirky inventor and failed magician, is conned by Kerberos, leader of the Dark Order, to steal the Book of Rubric and to lure the kids out of the magically protected orphanage. Badly disguised as a health inspector, Walter searches the orphanage. The kids aren’t fooled and try to get rid of him by triggering comically painful traps. Just as Walter can’t take any more he spots the book, grabs it and escapes with it before the kids can get to him. Setting out on a harrowing journey to retrieve the book, the kids sneak into Walter’s hideout at an abandoned theater. It’s a trap - and Scrappers, metal men summoned by Kerberos, capture the kids. Making matters worse, The Machine, an ancient steam powered extractor of magical powers, is being prepared for use on the twins. However, it first must be tested on... Cora! The twins’ mom is still alive and being held captive!

Working together with the help of Walter, who’s had a change of heart, the kids escape from their chains, save their mom, and destroy the Scrappers. Unfortunately Kerberos escapes with the book.

SIGN OF THE DRAGON is a magical coming-of-age story about facing your fears, overcoming insecurities and gaining confidence.