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Lupo Superpanel Soft

Lupo Superpanel Soft For over a year I’ve owned, used and abused a couple of the original Lupo Superpanel. They’ve been a great workhorse 1×1 LED panels and are incredibly bright with it’s 22,000 LUX output at 1 meter. But they’re not soft lights. I very rarely shine them directly on my talent/actors.  Instead I’ll …
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SNAPBAG Softboxes with the SNAPGRID. I wanted to take look at a new approach to the softbox… the SNAPBAG.   They’re a versatile, easy to setup and affordable softboxes for both LED panels and LED Fresnel lights.  The reason they’re called SNAPBAGS is that you simple “snap” them open and they’re ready to be mounted onto your …
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Lupo 2K vs Arri 2K

Lupo DayLED 2000 Fresnel vs. the Arri 2K Fresnel. I was interested in testing the light output difference between my old standby Arri 2K fresnel and the new Lupo DayLED 2000 Fresnel.  Although they are different color balances – the Arri is tungsten balanced and the Lupo is daylight balanced, I wanted to see if …
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