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10 Ways to Use Video to Promote a Business

Savvy marketers already know videos increases conversions and they increase SEO ranking. In a study by Forrester Research it was found that video increases a web page’s likelihood for a front-page Google search result by 96 percent. To top that, video in email is said to be able to boost conversion rates by as much as 50 percent. So what are the most effective ways to use video for marketing a business, product or service?


Overview videos are short videos that tell a company’s story, usually found on the landing page. They provide business with a way to clearly and effectively convey their value proposition. While the average website attention span is 8 seconds, the average overview video is watched for about 2.7 minutes. This 2.7 minutes is also quality time because it has been shown that people retain over 50% more information through the use of visual and verbal learning cues. Work.com, states that they increase conversion rates by 20% by adding an overview video to their homepage. Approximately 30% of the page visitors watch the video and approximately 50% of those viewers watch the video in its entirety. Dropbox has taken advantage of the effectiveness of overview videos by limiting their homepage to a single video. This video increased conversion rates over 10%, and with the video being viewed 750,000 times in one month alone, the 10% increase resulted in several thousand extra sign ups per day. Take a look at Dropbox’s video here.

Here some samples of overview videos our team at Eugene Scott Productions has created:


People like and relate to stories. Stories draw us in and inherently make the information more interesting. Visual stories wrap a company’s sales proposition around a compelling story or hypothetical user case study. They often employ cinematic filming, illustrations, animations and motion graphics. Visual stories hook viewer, emotionally connect with them and, because they want to see what happens next, these stories retain viewers for a longer period of time.

Here some samples of visual stories that Eugene Scott Productions has created:


Product showcase videos are similar to the overview video, but instead of focusing on the whole company these are videos showcase a specific product or service. They highlight features of a product that set it apart from the competitor or if selling a service, they show how the service is different from others. They can also give tips on how to use the product more effectively and info on cool features customers might not currently utilize.

Here are some samples of product showcase videos that Eugene Scott Productions has created:

WEBISODES/VLOG: Video Blogging

Whether you call them webisodes or VLOGs these videos add a personality to a company and keep clients up to date on what they’re doing. They can showcase any of the impressive things the company has done, follow someone’s journey with the product (celebrities or “real” people), a roundtable discussion of users of the product, or discovering the ingredients for a productThese videos gives consumers an inside look into the business. Use this opportunity to establish expertise within an industry. The goal is to make the business feel more personable.

Here are some samples of webisodes/VLOGs that Eugene Scott Productions have helped to produce:


Service your customer base and keep them satisfied. How-to videos can make complex tasks or systems easy to understand. They can also give peace-of-mind to online shoppers by highlighting the ease of setup. This will increase sales and bolster a brand’s reputation. Tech products are ripe for how-to videos and customers now days almost expect it. For example, we have produced several how-to videos for Seagate hard drives and the powerful software that comes with it. When the customers understand how to use the software it makes the drive much more useful and robust across all system, thus differentiating it from its competitors.

Watch the Seagate video here:

The beauty products can also benefits from how-to videos and they are a great way to increase traffic to a site. Let us take, for example, a company that sells makeup and they make a video about how to create the perfect spring look. This video would definitely be of interest to their current customers, who could link the helpful video to their friends, who will in turn link the video to their friends. The company’s video will also show up on search engines when people search for “spring makeup look” which attracts completely new visitors to their site. People who are being linked to these videos will not only receive helpful information, but will also be exposed to the brand and product(s).

Take a look at a makeup how-to video Eugene Scott Productions shot and edited for colorescience here:


Nothing is more compelling than seeing and hearing customers (ideally in their own environment) extol the virtues of products and services or explaining how a company helped them to achieve their business goals. Customer Testimonials help prospects see themselves in the stories of real people. It’s now conventional wisdom that several short testimonial videos are better than one long one. Break up your testimonials into short bites that each relate to a specific topic. This allows visitors to jump to their personal hot topic (such as: environmentally friendly, cost effective, reliable, etc.).

Here are some samples of customer testimonial videos that Eugene Scott Productions has helped create:


While television advertising is still big money, advertisers are becoming more selective in how they chose to spend their promotional dollars. Other venues for commercials such as online video pre-roll, online sponsorships, interactive ads, event sponsorships and in-theatre advertising are steadily gaining popularity. A proliferation of video screens cropping up on every building, device and structure are creating an even more diverse set of advertising opportunities. Eugene Scott Productions has produced, shot and/or edited hundreds of direct response broadcast commercials and infomercials. Over the last few years we have begun to repurpose most of the commercial content for the web and we are occasionally producing web only commercials.

Here’s a link to some of our select commercials:


Whether a quarterly update, responding to a major industry event or making a regularly scheduled presentation there is great value in presenting the “face” and “voice” of the leadership team to all their constituents. Here is a portion of an executive presentation videos that our team created:



Whether for a trade show, companywide meeting, conference, gala or special event, video has become an integral part of most large presentations. Video can often bring an emotional element to a presentation, be it excitement, a tearjerker or a heart-warming story. Who would of Steve Jobs have been without his sporting videos? It was the combination of his dynamic personality and amazing videos that made him such an effective speaker.

Here are some samples of event videos that Eugene Scott Productions has created:


A video can become viral if it is so compelling that people want to share it. (Calling a video ‘Viral’ doesn’t make it so). Viral videos have to be extremely engaging, entertaining, shocking or meaningful to be successful. The “Will It Blend” series of YouTube videos is a good example of how a brand was able to co-op this strategy. But be warned, getting a video to go viral is very difficult to accomplish.

Here are some samples of videos purposed for viral outcome that our team has created:

Video engages people in a way that photos and text alone can't. By using video in marketing, businesses can bring faces, voices, personality and heart to their operation and brand, while also demonstrating authenticity. For more information on how Eugene Scott Productions can help you with your video needs call Scott Leslie at 858-277-7205 or send an email to sleslie@esproductions.tv. To find out more about our company visit www.esproductions.tv.

About Scott Leslie

Scott Leslie is a respected award winning TV Producer with 20 years experience and owner of Eugene Scott Productions, Inc. Since graduating from UCSD in 1993, Scott has been immersed in the film and video industry. In his early years he worked on several films a an assistant cameraman, b-camera operator and eventually a director of photography. In 1996 he opened Eugene Scott Productions, which mainly focuses on direct response commercials but is also involved in music DVDs and documentaries, a children's show, and health show programming. Scott directed over 50 episodes of Responsible Health, a weekly health talk show, and Eugene Scott Productions was responsible for all the post production. He has also produced and directed a children's fun and education DVD, Kibbles Rockin' Clubhouse. Scott also directed and produced Sign of the Dragon, an award winning kid's action adventure/magic short film. Scott has garnished several Telly Awards as a Producer/Director and as an editor for clients such as Jenny Craig, Vistage Connect and others.

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